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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Garlic Goddess

At my house I have many names, Mom, Aunt, Sister, Wife,  PITA to name a few.  My husband tells my friends I am the “Gadget Whore”.   To some extent that is true.  I love my kitchen gadgets and I do have and play favorites.    The Garlic Press is one of them.

I use a lot of fresh garlic at my house (hence the name Garlic Goddess).    That involves a lot of peeling, chopping, slicing, smashing and scraping of garlic,  a tiny object with a large sharp knife.  

My way around this is a garlic press.   I bought my first press in a store bargain bin for very little money many moons ago (about 28 years).  After that I managed to find one or two at garage sales and even one or two others more recently at high end kitchen stores.  None of those measured up.  They are hard to press, hard to clean and a few even broke within a couple of uses.   
This is what my first press looked like.
I finally searched the internet a couple years ago and found this nice Zyliss one and ordered one online.   It was very similar to my original garlic press (which I still have).   It is easy to use, cleans well and hasn’t broken in 1,000 of times of use.

This is what the second one looks like

No more peeling, chopping or smashing.  This thing does it all but the slices (which on occasion sliced garlic is a must).     You just drop a clove into the space provided and press.   It comes out the other end finely chopped, juice and all.  Leaving the peel behind for discarding.   No more garlic sticking to your fingers or the smell of garlic on your hand.    Nice.

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