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Thursday, October 24, 2013


Feeling a little bored this afternoon.   Kids get way too much candy on Halloween so I decided to make them a decoration  that could be filled with endless possibilities.  


Empty can with lid, any size. 
White paint
Hot Glue Gun and Glue
Googlie Eyes (size depending on your can)
Black Construction Paper or paint
Button (optional)
Fake Teeth (optional)
Halloween Ribbons


1.  Clean the can.
2. Paint the outside with white paint.
3. Cut a diamond shape out of the black paper big enough to glue on the two googlie eyes in the position you would like.   Glue this to the dried can.
4.  Glue on the fake teeth below the eyes, leaving enough room for a nose.
5.  I purchased rolls of 3 inch gauze from the dollar store.   Then I died the ends of the rolls by using a wet tea bag.  I dried them in the microwave.   Wrap the can starting from the top, leaving room to allow the top to be put back on.   Wrapping around the eyes and mouth to cover the edges and gluing in spots when needed.
6.  Glue on the button nose.
7.  Tie on a piece of raffia and again wind around the can.  Tie on some extra pieces to make it looked raveled.
8,  Glue gauze in a pleasing pattern on the top.   I glued one edge of gauze around the rim of the top.  Twisted it and them glued to the opposite side of the lid.   Trimming the extra and repeating around the edge of the lid until it was covered. 
9.  Tie Halloween ribbon around the top and attach a gift tag of your choice. 
10.  Fill can with desired items.  Candy, trinkets, cookies, popcorn, chips, etc. 

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