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Thursday, May 17, 2012

It Sure Is Sweet When Two People Fall In Love

It Sure Is Sweet When Two People Fall In Love..............was the theme of my daughter's bridal shower.   What a great time we had planning, preparing and attending the shower.   Many weeks of searching, shopping and crafting went into the preparation for the big day of the shower.  I hope the following photos spark an idea or two for you and yours.

Found bulleting board letters at the dollar store.  Strung their names for the bride to be's table.

Many trips to the dollar store ended up in a fancy table d├ęcor.   Plastic tablecloths in red and white.   Black and white designed shelf padding made wonderful placemats.   Leftover valentine napkins and decorations for the table setting.
More dollar store items used to decorate.   Red rose petals.  Flowers for the centerpieces and to throw around the tables.

Close up view
Mix and match colors, red, white, pink and black.

Found all the pieces to make the center pieces at the dollar store:  small gift box, foam, moss, silk flowers, red garland wire heart shape, greenery.  

Chocolate dipped braids sprinkled with red/white/pink nonpareils and a heart stuck to the end of each.
Cupcake stand made from dollar store trays and plastic glasses wrapped with silver Christmas bead garland.
The cupcake stand full of cupcakes: Lemon, Chocolate Oreo, and Pistachio.
Found this cute vase at the dollar store, we used it as an ice tea glass and party favor.
Fancied up red straw for the ice tea glass.

Found heart shaped red cherry jelly beans at Big lots along with heart shaped mints.

More dollar store ingenuity:  Pilsner glass filled with cinnamon hard candies, topped with a half foam ball, curly cue ribbon, starlight mints, heart straws and heart shaped lollipop.  These made wonderful prizes for the games we played.
Bride and groom wine bottle decorations.   These made wonderful prizes too.
Wedding wine glasses.  Yes believe it or not found these at the dollar store too.   However, we couldn't the amount we wanted so we used them at the head table.  Very adorable.  

Half and half: Used my princess house shrimp cocktail glasses filled with red hot candies (from the dollar store) as candle holders.

Found huge engagement rings at the Dollar General amongst the Valentine decorations.

Great ideas from Pinterest:  Tomato and Mozzarella appetizers along side of cucumber and feta or hummus bites.

Candy airplanes as a nod to the groom who is in the air force.

As another nod to the air force groom, paper airplane thank you notes, that were tucked inside of some of the ice tea glasses. 
Another view

Unfolded paper airplane used the computer to add our own thank you.

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