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Ma's Apron Strings

I was born the youngest child of 13. My next eldest sibling was a sister who was four years older.   I spent a lot of time having mom all to myself while the others were in school and dad spent the morning sleeping in after working the late shift.   Mom and I would spend quite mornings together doing housework and errands in town.  Even when I started school it was half day so I still got another year of time alone with mom, forever tying me to her apron strings.  

I found this old Mother's day card in my travels amongst the web. I thought it was rather fitting to repost it.  

This is a vintage 1920s Mother's Apron Strings Card by Hall Brothers 

This sweet greeting card for Mother's Day was copyrighted in 1927 by Hall Brothers, Inc. Made in USA
Die~cut in the shape of an apron with real cotton gingham apron strings blue, pink, and yellow, as well as golden details~like on the hankie ruffle.....the front reads,


inside you can see the die~cuts that allow the "apron strings" to be threaded through........
and the most adorable sentiment........

Tho' Life has taught us all to prize~
Both Lover's knots and friendship ties~
Today my heart it's homage brings~
To honor Mother's Apron Strings
Not more than half a yard in length~
Yet Oh ~the uncomputed strength
Of those dear ties that bound us to~
The good~the beautiful ~the true
The sheerest lawn or calico~within thier warp and woof~ I know
Fate wove the fabric of our dreams
With ideals stitched in all the seams
And so the faith that sanctifies
In later life~All human ties~
Is threaded on the love that clings
To Mother's binding Apron Strings"