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Cookbook of Life

The Cookbook of Our Lives

Through out our lives we have many people who will come and go. Some are mere acquaintances while others we get to know on a more personal level. Some are family, some are friends. We even meet strangers along the way that visit for such a short time we don't even remember their name. The one thing that we have all managed to do with the travelers that have managed to come calling for a few minutes or with those that stay a life time, is to break bread. We have broken bread at home, at the office, at a party, at a restaurant, on vacation, at the beach, in the park, on a boat and even in an airplane. Just sitting at a counter at a restaurant can lead to an hour long conversation with a stranger. These days we make relationships on the computer, whether it is a dating site, a gaming site, Facebook or Pinterest. Although we may never literally break bread with the people we meet on line, like the rest of our acquaintances, we are able to exchange thoughts and ideas and oh yes, RECIPES!

We gather all kinds of RECIPES throughout our lives. When we are small we gather RECIPES that are a little different but RECIPES just the same. We learn RECIPES for building friendships, RECIPES for fitting into the family dynamics. We learned RECIPES that have helped us to meet all of our needs. As we grow the RECIPES change. We figure out what we like, what we don't like, what we need, what we want and what we have. We are all constantly adjusting those RECIPES and sharing the things we think work and sometimes the things that didn't work. In fact life is full of RECIPES, some are concoctions of your own. While others you have picked up along the way from your family, coworkers, strangers, and friends.

I have never quite understood the copyrights and claims laid to some RECIPES. I can understand if you are bottling something up, selling and/or marketing it, that you use the same RECIPE each time and often keep it under lock and key. What I don't understand is how or why people get upset when they post a RECIPE on the Internet and then they find a similar RECIPE on another site with the same ingredients and a different name. Let's take a RECIPE for Macaroni and Cheese for example. My mom made mac and cheese, everyone in the family loves it so our family calls it Mom's Mac and Cheese RECIPE. Your mom makes Mac and Cheese and your family loves it so you claim the RECIPE is Momma's Mac and Cheese. Who is right? I mean really sometimes things get down right silly. If you don't want people using, re posting or changing your RECIPE. Then don't post it.

I do not lay claim to the RECIPES I share on here. I try to give credit where credit is due. However, if great Aunt Addie copied a RECIPE from the old Crisco can and then passed it down as her favorite RECIPE, it has now become Aunt Addie's RECIPE in my RECIPE box. I simply enjoy cooking and experimenting with RECIPES and then sharing what I think is the best version with my family, friends, and those of you who have wandered onto my website. Some of the RECIPES posted will be from books, magazines, the newspaper, blogs, or they could be ones passed down by family, friends, or strangers that I have managed to collect throughout my life.
The RECIPES posted represent all types of cooking: Traditional, Gourmet, Continental and Every-day.   These RECIPES may not have been laboratory tested and are not necessarily original, but their mark  has been established by family members, friends, and the most critical group of all……..husbands.
Like the RECIPES of life, take what you want, do with it what you will and share both the success and the failures with those that enter into your personal domain.