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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

14 Days of Love for you, Valentine

These days I only work part-time.  My prince and princess are both grown adults and out making their own way in this big world.   Occasionally, I baby sit the Grand-dog and do a lot of running of errands for everyone, but I still manage to find a little time to craft in between all the errands, spending time on the computer and cooking.     While putzzing around on the computer I have noticed all these 14 days of Valentines for your husband and decided why not do these for the little kids in the family.  I have spent numerous hours searching the internet for clipart, printable and vintage valentines that would match the different goodies I could find at the store for the 14 days.    Here is what I came up with…………
I bought a good sized Valetine Bag for each child (large enough to hold all 14 items).   
I  cut out the tag below and attached it to the bag (found at the Ingles 360 website:
Then I wrapped each gift and attached the card and the daily number.  Below are the numbers that I printed, cut out and glued to each gift.
You can give the gifts in whatever order you like.  


Day One
Valentine Mailbox matched up with a Vintage Valentine Card
I found this at the local Yankee Dollar Store.  It is made by Stickaroni and comes all precut ready to fold. It even comes with several sheets of stickers for your valentine to personalize their own box.

 For the little boy in our family, I purchased some boyish sitckers and swaped out a few sheets of valentine ones. 
 This is the Vintage Valentine I used for a girl
This is the one I used for a boy....


Day Two
Who doesn't like Kool-Aid.  If you give this to them in the beginning they can drink it straight through the fourteen days unless they share it.  

While searching the internet I found this wonderful Valentine for a Kool-Aid packet:  You can find it at this website:   It is a free printable file you print from your own computer onto card stock and then attach a packet of Kool-Aid


Day Three
Boy-Hot wheels/Matchbox 
Girl-Lip Gloss-Lip gloss

I was able to find both of these items at the Dollar Store.  

These are ones I designed myself using clipart and Jasc Paint Shop Pro you are welcome to contact me with an email and I will send you the file.   Of course there are many free downloadable ones on the internet as well.  
Made this one like a bag topper. Folded it in half and attached to the cardboard wrapper the Hot Wheels Car came in.


I used this Valentine card for the lip gloss.    I purshased some small plastic craft bags, dropped in the lip gloss and stapled the card to it.


Day Four
Good Old Fashioned Circus Marshmallow Peanuts (These were something my Dad enjoyed).

Again I found a vintage valentine to match. 


Day Five
Found pkgs of stickers at the Dollar store. Of course girly type stickers for our lil cuties and boyish stickers for the boys.   Again, I found a nice piece of clip art and added the sayings using Paint Shop Pro. Notice the hearts stuck to the hedge hog's quills.  


Day Six
Smarties are everyone’s childhood favorite.   Found this printable card at: Rook No. 14 Blog:


Day Seven
Parachuting Novelty

Who hasn’t gotten one of them out of a gumball machine or two?  Well now they sell them in the party pack at the dollar store.  

This is the Vintage Valentine I found to go with it...


Day Eight
Hershey Kisses-Can’t get through the Valentine Holiday without these.   Place some kisses in a small bag and attached the card with a piece of ribbon.  

Found a cute Hogs and Kisses Printable Card at this sight called the Silly Pearl.  You can find  the directions and print outs here.


Day Nine
Plastic Frogs
This one I thought was very adorable.  Found the plastic frogs at the dollar store and the card at a blog called Tolen family fun.  You can find the directions and printable by following this link:


Day Ten
Gummi Worms
Bought a bag of Gummi Worms, divided them up into smaller bags and attached the bag topper that I designed below: 


Day Eleven
Plastic Bugs
Purshased a bag of plastic bugs, divided them up and attached to the card below is a photo sample. 
You can find the directions and printable files at a blog called Dandee:

Day Twelve
I desinged a bag topper for gifting Play-Doh that I was able to get at the Dollar General.  It came two in a pkg for $3.

Day Thirteen
I was able to find medium sized heart shaped lollipops and found an adorable bear design on the web for covering the lollipop.    You can find it here:

Day Fourteen
Tootsi Roll

Found Valentines Tootsie Banks at the dollar store, along with a pair of socks and a few small embellishments and turned them into this.

Others: In case you want to swap out a day for something different see the sights below.


Love this vintage valentine for blowing bubbles

Cocoa-Cocoa Packet
I designed this one: you can right click, save as and print out as many as you like.  You will also need a packet of cocoa, a couple of hershey kisses, and a marshmallow heart.  Place them all in a small bag and attach card.

Mirror Compact

You can do a search on any of the following items and find a ton of Valentine Ideas, cards, gifts, and printable:   Animals, candy, automobiles, pirates, dolls,

 Her are some Valentine One Liners:

Stick with me, Valentine pixie sticks
You’re the bomb: wrap rolos in red construction paper
Don’t ever change valentine: bag of chocolate coins
Have a super Valentines Day: sucker decorated like a super hero
I “chews” you as my Valentine: gum
We’re mint to be: mints
You’re a great catch: Swedish fish
You’re extra special to me: Extra gum
Happy Valentine, toots! Tootsie rolls
You rock, valentine: pop rocks, rock candy
You krack me up. krackel mini chocolate bars
I like the way you roll: rolos, tootsie rolls
Happy valentines Day to all my peeps: Peeps
Valentine you make me snicker: snickers
You’re outta this world: orbit gum
I’m crazy for you: sour punch straws
I'm all Butterfingers over you:  Butterfinger
You’re sweet: any candy
You’re as cute as a button: button candy
We’re 2 of a kind: 2 of any candy
You stole a piece of my heart: reeses pieces
It’s a joy being your friend: almond joy
I’m bursting with happiness that you’re my friend: star bursts
Snack Food
You're a great catch: gold fish
I like you beary much: teddy grahams
Everyday I like you s’more & smores
You’re the apple of my eye: apple jacks
I’m lucky to have you: lucky charms cereal
You crack me up: cracker jacks
You’re so much fun: funyun chips
Ahoy Matey, be my valentine: chips ahoy
You’re cool: ice cream, popsicles
Will you o’fishally be my valentine?   gold fish
I love you a hole bunch: donut Holes
We stick together like PB&J:  PB&J Sandwiches
I’ve got a crush on you: crush soda
You’re kool: kool aid
I love everything you dew: mountain dew
You’re the apple of my eye: apple juice boxes
You melt my heart:   hot chocolate and marshmallows
I soda think you are amazing: soda
Healthy Food
I like you berry much strawberries, blueberries
I go bananas over you: banana
Orange you glad you’re my valentine: oranges
You’re plum perfect: plum
You’re the apple of my eye: apples
We make the perfect pear:  pear
I’m nuts about you: almonds, peanuts
Spread the love: peanut butter, jelly, jam
To a pop-ular kid: popcorn
Olive you                                                             
Don’t mean to be corny, but will you be my Valentine: candy corn
My heart pops for you Popcorn
School Supplies You rule: ruler
You’re the highlight of my day: highlighter
Let’s stick together: glue
You’re just write for me: pen, pencil
Valentine you color my world: Crayons
I wheelie like you matchbox car
52 things I love about you deck of cards
I’ve got my eye on you: magnifying glass
You make my heart glow: glow sticks
Have a ball this Valentines: bouncy ball
You blow me away: Valentine bubbles
Love is a battlefield
I’m stuck on you stickers, tattoos
I’m wild about you plastic
You make my heart bounce
I dig you shovel
Have a Dino-mite Valentines Day
You’re sweet and I’m not lion
Useful Things
You mean the world to me:   map, globe
Read my lips, Valentine…I’m yours: chap stick, lip gloss
You’re a cut above the rest
We’re the perfect pair                                         
I searched and found the best Valentine
I’ve got my eyes on you
I’m crazy for you                                                 
You’re sew special to me
I’m stuck on you Band-Aids
You’re as cute as a button
Can’t resist your pull:  magnet
Our class would knot be the same without friendship bracelet
We’re the perfect match                                      
You can count on me when things get sticky handy wipes, antibacterial soap
I love you sew much sewing kit
I was soapin’ you’d be my Valentine soap
You warm my heart hot pad
Thumb body loves you: thumbprints
I mustache you a question? Will you be my Valentine?: fake mustache
Stick with me, Valentine: Stickers
You’re just my type
I love ewe: sheep
Owl be you’re friend forever
You’re the obi-one for me: star wars
I’d love to hang out with you
You’re outta this world: rocket ship
You’re a hoot
You’re a deer to me
I think you’re a-maze-ing: party favor  maze
I’d pick you any day
You light up my life: candle
You make my heart pound:   hammer

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Brownie 3-Way

I live in a small community where everyone knows everyone else's business.  It can be a total drag at times but then there are those times that it is totally the best thing that could ever happen. 

A few weeks ago one of the local families lost their home to an unexpected house fire.   It is times like these that the community pulls together to support and assist families in need.  So when someone asked for baked goods for a donation Spaghetti dinner with the proceeds going to the family that just lost their home,   I decided I could assist by making brownies for a dessert item.  What would be better to top of a spaghetti dinner than brownies.   The answer to that, of course,  is to be able to choose which one looks yummiest to you.  

Take a peek below and tell me which one you want to try.  I had a tough time choosing between the Macaroon and Buckeye.  Of course I tried just a small bite of all three but those two were a tie in my book.

1 batch of your favorite brownies mixed and ready to bake, you choose from the toppings below.  Or 3 batches each with a different topping.  

Choose your topping:

1.      S’more Toppings
          1 batch your favorite brownies, baked as directed
          Spreadable Marshmallow fluff
          Miniature Marshmallows (the really tiny ones)
          Miniature Chocolate Chips
          4 Chocolate Graham Crackers, broken into small pieces

      Cook the brownies and let cool for fifteen minutes.  Spread the top with fluff.  Sprinkle with miniature marshmallows, mini chocolate chips and broken up graham crackers.  Place back in the oven for 5-10 minutes or just until marshmallows are toasted.   Remove from oven and let cool completely before cutting. 

You could swap out the chocolate grahams for any flavor you like.  If you have children
 you might think about using Teddy Grahams.  

Can also swap out miniature marshmallows for mallow bits or tiny marshmallows.  


2.       Macaroon Topping
        1 batch your favorite brownies (these get baked for 20 minutes to start)
        1 batch of coconut macaroons (these get place on top of the brownies)
                     2 1/4 cups flaked coconut
                     2 eggs
                     2/3 cups granulated sugar
                     1/4 tsp. almond extract
                     1 tsp. vanilla extract
                     1/3 cup flour
        Miniature Chocolate Chips
       Bake brownies in oven for 20 minutes.  While they are baking mix up the macaroons.   After brownies have baked for 20 minutes spoon mixture on top of brownies.  I use a small spoon repeatedly so that I don't flatten the baked brownies.   Place back in the oven for another 10-15 minutes or until the macaroon is golden brown.  Remove from oven and sprinkle with mini dark chocolate chips.  Let cool completely before cutting.


3.       Buckeye Brownies
        1 batch your favorite brownies (these get baked for 20 minutes to start)
        1 batch of buckeye's (these will go layer on top of the brownie when it is cooled.
             1/2 cup butter, softened

                   3/4 cup creamy peanut butter
                   2 cups powdered sugar
        Mini Chocolate Chips
        Roasted Peanuts
Bake brownies as suggested.   Let cool completely.  While waiting mix up a batch of buckeyes.  Instead of forming buckeyes into balls, shape them into a flattened square and place on top of brownies until top is covered completely.   Melt 1 bag of chocolate chips and spread over peanut butter layer.   While chocolate is still warm, sprinkle with roasted peanuts.   Let chocolate cool completely before cutting brownies.  
I made all three versions in a 9x 11 pan resulting in 12 good sized brownies per pan.  I also line my baking pan with aluminum foil and then spray the bottom only with bakers spray.  The aluminum foil makes it easier to remove the brownies as a whole from the pan, which makes it easier to cut them into equal portions.   
These would be great for family gatherings, as you could please the many different tastes that come in crowd sized gatherings.  They would also be great for bake sales for selling individual brownies and of course by the dozen.  

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