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Monday, May 20, 2013

Keebler Elves Hard at Work

I have an elf at my house that likes to make S’mores out of all kinds of stuff.   This is the most recent attempt.  They turned out quite good, they are pleasing to the eye,  and they are so easy to make.  What is your favorite version of a S’more?

Fudge Striped S’mores
1-2 pkgs. Of Fudge Striped S’mores
1 bag large marshmallows
1 bag Hershey kisses, unwrapped

Unwrap enough kisses for the amount of cookies you are making (some cookies will be broken in the pkg.)

Cut the marshmallows in half the short way (a whole marshmallow will puff and be way too big for the cookie).

Lay a fudge striped cookie on a microwave safe dish (a flat one is best).  Put as many on the tray as you can.  Top each cookie with half of a marshmallow.   Place in microwave and microwave on high for 10-15 seconds.   I start out at the low end and watch to see when the marshmallow puffs.   All microwaves are different, times may vary.    Once they puff remove from microwave and top with a Hershey’s Kiss.   Allow to cool on tray, marshmallow falls through hole in cookie.   Once cooled, move to a serving tray.   
Notes and swaps
  • Swap out the Fudge Striped Cookie for your favorite cookie
  • Swap out the Hershey Kiss for one of their other flavored kisses


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