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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Great Debate: White or Red

There has always been great debate over which is better White or Red  Clam Chowder.   My all time favorite and vote goes to Red.   I especially love the mix of vegetables and herbs in this recipe.

I found this recipe in a cookbook my mother-in-law had. It is titled Dom Deluise-Eat this It'll Make You Feel Better.    It is a great read, filled with stories of family and friends as well as packed full of family style Italian recipes.    Not only was Dom Deluise a funny comedian, but he also loved to cook.  His love of laughter and cooking come together in the pages of this book.  Each recipe comes with it's own background story, often evoking an a-ha moment or punch line to make you chuckle.   Being married into an Italian family, I can see a lot of similarities in Dom Deluise growing up in an Italian family and my husband's family stories.

When I borrowed the book from my mother-in-law, I had written down quite a few of his recipes to try, but the Red Clam Chowder was my all time favorite. 

I was fortunate enough to find a copy of his book in a garage sale a few years ago, so now I have my very own copy.    The book is still a good read.   I had forgotten that not only were there family recipes, but also recipes from some of his co-stars and friends.    Turns out the Red Clam Chowder Recipe was from his friend and co-star Mel Brooks. As told in the book, Mel, Dom and their wives have shared many a meal together with either Dom or Mel doing the cooking.

Once you try this recipe you will see why it made the book.   It is bellissimo!

You can download this recipe by clicking on the image and doing a save as.

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