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Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's Chowda Time

Winter is a great time for sitting down to a nice hot bowl of soup, stew or chowder.   One of my all time favorites is Corn Chowder.  

My recipe calls for a number of ingredients, each adds that extra little something, that makes the flavor blossom on the tongue with each spoonful.   You won't be able to stop dipping that crusty bread in to sop up the juices.  

One of those ingredients is Bacon.   Who doesn't love bacon, right?  We all have our favorite brand, but I often buy it on sale or pick up something different to try. I make my bacon on cookie sheet in the oven.  It cooks the bacon more evenly and you don't get all that grease spatter on top of your stove. I have also learned that when it is really good tasting bacon to save the drippings in a container and store it in the fridge for use in recipes such as this Corn Chowder or making popcorn from scratch but that is for another time. 

Hot pepper flakes:  Many people are afraid to use hot pepper flakes,  thinking their food will be extremely hot.  Well that is simply not the case when used in moderation.  I generally add a pinch or two of it in when sautéing just about anything.   It is one of those items that adds to the layering of flavors.

Nutmeg: This is strong spice generally used in anything with a cream base.  Again, used in moderation it does enhance the flavors on your pallet.  Freshly grated is the best, but the ground nutmeg works well too.  Remember less is best and that you can't take it out if you've over used it.

Honey:  This sounds a little bit unusual to most people, but I have used honey with sweet corn for quite a few years now.  My mom used to follow the directions on the frozen corn, pour into pan with a small amount of water and heat and serve with butter, salt and pepper.  My mother-in-law always cooked her frozen corn in milk.  And we have all tried tricks for making sweet corn to bring out its natural flavor.  But somewhere along the line I came across a tidbit about adding a bit of honey to my sweet corn and I have done it ever since.   When used in moderation, it enhances the sweetness of corn and you can't tell that it is honey.   Yes, I still add the butter, salt and pepper.  

Give it try and let me know what you think. 

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