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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fresh Veggie Greek Orzo Salad

I spent the morning at the orchard picking blueberries.   Once I have filled my bucket, I then take a quick tour of the produce and what nots before heading home while visions of recipes dance through my head.

Summer has arrived along with the heat and ways to get out of turning on the oven. What could be simpler than a Greek Orzo salad. It also has the advantage of using up all those fresh goodies you grow in your garden or can pick up at the market. Fifteen minutes to cook some orzo and some quick chopping of the veggies while the orzo is cooking and draining.  

This salad goes well with greek marinated shish-ka-bobs beef, chicken or shrimp (guess what we had for dinner tonight?).   Oh and don't forget our dessert 12 lbs. of fresh picked sweet, plump,  blueberries.  Yes, you guessed it, future postings of all things blueberry, but for know here is the yummy salad recipe.

Greek Orzo Salad

Greek Orzo Salad

2-3 cups uncooked orzo (cooked as directed on box)

1 small red onion, diced small

1 green onion, sliced thin

1 small container Kalamata Olives, sliced

1 small red or orange sweet pepper, diced small

1 can artichoke hearts drained and squished dry

Small handful fresh parsley, chopped

1-2 handful small cherry or grape tomatoes cut in halves

3-5  small baby cucumbers, diced small

1 container Feta Cheese

1 Jar Greek Salad Dressing

Veggies and such chopped and ready to add to the cooked orzo.

Cook and drain pasta as per directions on box.   While pasta is cooking and cooling chop all other ingredients and place in large bowl.   When pasta is cool, mix it in with the chopped vegetables. Stir in Feta cheese and salad dressing.  Serve as is or place in frig for an hour.  
Orzo cooked and drained

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